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that once had been considered hazardous. >>> it is 4:38 now. president obama, former president bush are calling on congress to pass immigration reform legislation but as cbs reporter tara mergener shows us, nothing can pass unless the house republicans can agree. >> reporter: immigrants from around the country rallied outside the u.s. capital to tell members of congress they want immigration reform. inside, house republicans met in the basement for 2.5 hours to discuss the topic. >> i think it's going great. >> any disagreements? >> reporter: about the only thing they do agree on is what must come first. >> unless there is border security first, there will be no bill. >> reporter: republicans say the only way immigration reform will pass the house is if they break it up into a bunch of smaller bills instead of one large bill. >> comprehensive has always been a swear word in the house of representatives. i think having a step-by-step approach that deals with the issue comprehensively i don't think that's it. >> reporter: not every member is in agreement. >> the republican party is li
obama. >> to be nominated by president obama has been a singular honor. >> do you remember the phone call? deborah, there's a line one, the white house? >> of course you remember the very significant moments in your life. and for me, that was certainly one of those. >> are you a pilot? >> no, i'm not. i'm not a pilot. i did soho before i got my driver's license, but i didn't keep up with it. at that time i didn't think i'd end up following in my father's footsteps. and so, but here i am today. and i'm very thankful that we have pilots who work at the board who really are the experts. and they're the ones who help me understand things. >> no pilot's license but a motorcycle license? >> i do have a motorcycle endorsement, yes. >> do you ride? >> not much, i'm a mother of three, four boys. and with this job i try to minimize the risks. so one of the things i do is to spend time with my family and work. and right now i've got to focus on other things. >> for everything in your background, a double major from virginia tech and sorority. you've always been very active. is this since you we
for taxpayers. hey, john. >> reporter: hey, kelly. it's not often president obama gets accused of favoring big business over the average person, but that's exactly what house speaker john boehner accused him of today as part of his continuing attack on obamacare. >> i think what the president did is outrageous. the idea that we're going to give big businesses a break under obamacare, but we're going to punish small businesses and families? it's wrong. and we'll have another vote. count on it. >> reporter: now, what speaker boehner was talking about was one of a series of delays in some key benchmarks for obamacare. first was a delay in the range of options available to employees of small businesses albeit more streamlined set of options now. the second was a delay in the enforcement of the so-called employer mandate. most large businesses already provide health coverage, but they're not going to have to pay a penalty if they don't now while they try to work out communication with businesses. and the third was the delay for one year of some forms of income verification for people applying for s
handed to the times by the white house as sort of a trial balloon? is this the case of the obama administration trying to gauge the public on this potential big change in plans? is this scoop being handed to the times by somebody in the administration who is fighting for this so-called zero option against resistance in the administration but they want to use the front page of "the times" as leverage, which is in favor of doing is this way? is the obama administration not really intending to move forward with the option at all, but maybe leaking it as a possibility for scaring the afghan government for a strategy? if that is the strategy it may be worth checking on whether or not we can all be sure that the idea of leaving troops in fashion may be more scary? everybody thought the iraqi idea was scary, too, but they were glad to see us go. we tried to scare them with that and they clapped. the times says they hold a range of views on how quickly the u.s. should leave afghanistan. so maybe it is not just one of those scenarios, it is a bunch of them mixed together. but this is a re
this with all due respect and support and love for president obama. i don't think the white house has a freaking clue what to do. and i don't say that too critically because i don't know if i do either. i would love to know if you do. 1-866-55-press. but it is confusing as hell. the situation on the ground now. the first thing jay carney did tell us yesterday is we're not going to cut off aid to egypt. it is $1.5 billion a year we give them. jay carney says we don't think it would be wise to pull the plug. >> it is our view it would not be wise to abruptly change our assistance program. >> bill: but jay carney did call on -- at the same time called on the military to stop the violence. >> we call on the military to use maximum restraint responding to protestors, just as we urge all those demonstrating to do so peacefully. we also condemn the explicit calls to violence made by the muslim brotherhood. >> bill: so i wrote down yesterday, while i was there at the briefing, here are the things that jay carney said all at the same time. okay? all at the same time. about the situation in egypt. see if
and water project spending bill for the next budget year. the house bill provides just over $30 billion, it's 9% less than this year and 12% less than president obama requested. the bill funds the energy department, the u.s. army corps of engineers and interior department water programs. votes in the house set for several times throughout the day. the obama administration has threatened to veto the measure in its current form citing cuts to green energy programs including a 73% cut to the office of energy efficiency and renewable energy. >>> well, vice president biden today is in prescott, arizona, where he's attending a memorial service for the 19 firefighters who died fighting fires at the end of june on the mountainside of yarnell hill located northwest of phoenix. you can see live coverage of the entire service on our companion network, c-span3. it gets under way at around 1:45 eastern. >>> right now at our web site,, you can see a live feed from the floor of the texas house of representatives where members are holding a special session as texas republicans continue their eff
the obama administration provides a big opening for republicans after the white house announcement last week that it will delay fraud prevention measures in the new health care law until after the 2014 midterm elections. house law makings are gearing up for a hearing to push back the mandate for providing health coverage for employers. rich lowery, fox news contributor, and a big fan of the president's health care law. no, i made that last part up. we find out that this employer mandate is not going to be enforced, the white house says for another year. valerie jarrett says it is all fine. everything is still going according to plan. >> seems to matter just black letter law, in this law that you had to set up the, had to get employer mandate underway now. and this is just another case, jon, where they seem to be rewriting law on the fly and it relates to the latest change which there's not, they're not going to verify the people who get on the exchanges whether they're really eligible for them which seems to fail the most basic test of good government. so all this just means that they have c
at the white house with the president and first lady. part of the kids state dinner. rose scott, one of 54 students who won the invite to dine with the obamas. great scene here. recipe for pork and tofu lettuce cups one of the winners in the second annual, healthy lunchtime challenge. sponsored by michelle obama. more than 1,300 entries were submitted. rose scott the only one to win and be represented from california. >> wow. pork and tofu lettuce cups. we have to get that recipe. >> right up your alley. >> thank you for joining us us at 5:00. see you at 6:00. >> bye-bye. >>> on our broadcast tonight, inside the cockpit as flight 214 slammed into a seawall in san francisco. and with the focus now on the pilots, tonight what investigators have learned about what was happening in those final moments before impact. >>> breaking their silence. those three young kidnapped women held captive in a house in cleveland for a decade. they're speaking out now for the first time. >>> marijuana for kids. a growing number of parents using it to treat everything from autism to epilepsy. and while it's con
to the other battle on capitol hill, immigration reform. president obama will meet with senators john mccain and chuck schumer today. both were part of a by farther san group that helped draft the senate's bill. meanwhile house republicans met behind closed doors wednesday. tara mergener is in washington. good morning, tara. >> good morning, anne-marie. the gop is united on tougher border control, but not on a path to citizenship for those living in the u.s. illegally. whatever plan they do come up with will take longer to craft than the white house and other immigration reformers would like. ♪ for the land of the free >> immigrants from around the country rallied outside the u.s. capitol to tell members of congress they want immigration reform. inside house republicans met in the basement for 2 1/2 hours to discuss the topic. >> i think it's going great. >> any disagreement? >> reporter: about the only thing they do agree on is what must come first. >> unless there is border security first, there will be no bill. >> republicans say the only way immigration reform will pass the house i
of the aisle who have said obama, obamacare, that nancy pelosi's a train wreck on the floor of this house and their words have not been taken down and they've not been seated? is it not in order for the gentlelady to have been recognized and be able to speak on this issue merely saying republicans? that could be a lower case republicans. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlelady will suspend. the gentlelady will suspend. there's a current demand the words be taken down pending before the body. the clerk will report the words. the gentlelady from florida ill be seated. >> mr. speaker, point of parliamentary inquiry. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman will state a parliamentary inquiry. r. takano: is it in order to -- the speaker pro tempore: the clerk will report the words. the chair will make a ruling. the gentleman's request will be in order at that time. the speaker pro tempore: the demand is withdrawn. the gentlelady from florida may ontinue. the demand is withdrawn. the gentlelady from florida may resume her comments. the gentlelady from florida has 42 seconds remaining. ms. brown:
obama hosted the second annual state lunch for the 8 to 12 set at the white house. the guest list, 54 children who entered and within a them thee recipe contest. some included zucchini pancakes, mini-veggie pizzas, passion fruit banana smoothies. unlook during formal state dinners, the guests were encouraged to eat with their fingers. >> president obama making an appearance. that is fun. boosting your child's brain power may be as easy as enforcing a strict bedtime. researchers studied the sleep habits of 10,000 children and discovered kids with inconsistent bed times had impaired cognitive development. especially apparent in 3-year-olds. researchers pointed out kids with consistent bed times tend to be in better physical health. huh. >> can't argue with that. right. >> absolutely. get to bed. >> huge areas hit by stormy weather. east coast stretching as far west as oklahoma. far west, to montana. hot, humid conditions thunderstorms and flooding. >> the only cool spots will be the northwest and along the northern california coast. otherwise mostly high 80s and 90s and triple digits in
with a barbecue and fireworks on the white house south lawn. and yet even as the obamas have been hailed as an aspirational model for african-american families, we have to resist the urge to denigrate those who don't fit the same mold. don't let anybody tell you that if you want to be michelle, you first have to find the barack. so dr. melvo, i cut you off before the break, as you were trying to talk about the issues of wealth and economics in the single mama story. >> the average black single mom has wealth of $5. the average black single mom. that's not wealth, that's a coca-cola. you know, the average white single mom, same position, $41,000. so you're talking about a whole different lifestyle when you look at that difference. and i think the story, melissa, ought to be, those single moms who made it, despite those wealth differences, almost are how i got over, my mom raised five kids by herself, my parents were divorced when i was 6. she's a social worker, and i can tell you, our little selves were on the bus, going to the museum, going to the museum of art, she did everything. but i
obama. u.s. law for bids providing support for leaders of a military coups. yesterday the white house signaled they wouldn't be cutting off the $1.5 billion of aid. president morsi will not be missed in washington but there are concerns about the precedent that has been set. reassuringly egypt's new interim president has promise ed there will be a new parliament, a new president and a constitution all within six months. this comes though against the back drop of more than 50 islamist protestors being killed by the military on monday. another problem for the administration overseas, afghanistan. reports suggest including starting in the "new york times" on tuesday that president obama is frustrated now with president karzai and is considering a so-called zero option. that would mean a full withdrawal of all american troops by the end of 2014 more than has been anticipated. no forces left there. joining me from washington to talk about these two very big issues. peter baker the white house correspondent for the new york times and also from washington andrea mitchell the chief foreign af
could have provided to spend more money than obama on the largest farm program." remember that line the next time any one of those 216 house republicans talks about how much they hate government spending. joining me now is congresswoman donna edwards, democrat from maryland, and congresswoman, we played the tape of your colleagues on the house floor. you deal with a lot from the house republicans. what was it about today that seemed to create this breaking point? >> well, i think that what happened today is that we saw in living color house republicans standing on the side of increased subsidies, more deficit spending, and just sending hungry families straight up under the bus. i mean, it really was outrageous, and i think that democrats today reached a tipping point. i mean, i am so proud of democrats. every single democrat who stood shoulder to shoulder with poor and working families in this country, who just want a meal. and republicans really deep sixed them today. >> you had a question during today's floor debate, a parliamentary question about an amendment that had been propos
, president obama was quick to way weigh in on the trayvon martin death last year. why is the white house refusing now to comment on the situation? that report moments away. a plt begins with a surprise twinge of back pain... and a choice. take up to 4 advil in a day or 2 aleve for all day relief. [ male announcer ] that's handy. ♪ a friend under water is something completely different. i met a turtle friend today so, you don't get that very often. it seemed like it was more than happy to have us in his home. so beautiful. avo: more travel. more options. more personal. whatever you're looking for expedia has more ways to help you find yours. >> laura: back nau with life coverage of the george zimmerman murder trial. a case that is playing out all over the country, including the white house briefing room. >> is the president watching this trial and does he have any concerns as to what the response might be once it's come to its conclusion? >> i think that -- well, the president, as you know, does not spend a lot of time watching television during the day. but, you know, his comments on t
passed a bipartisan bill, but the president says the republican-controlled house must now act. he says former president george bush agrees with him that immigration reform needs to become law. >>> and president obama and the first lady are going to go back to martha's vineyard next month for a nine-day vacation. it is going to be their fourth summer trip to the massachusetts island since he became president in 2009. >>> a trip to the beach almost cost the life of a 6-year-old boy in indiana. he fell into a sinkhole in the sand near the lake michigan shoreline. he was buried for three and a half hours under 101 feet of sand. emergency crews say they had a very difficult time digging him out. he was falling deeper into the sand as they approached him. >> this is unprecedented. they didn't actually see the initial collapse, but when they got to him, they could actually see him for a little bit, tried to dig him out and that's when the total collapse, as they described it, happened. >> the boy was air lifted to a chicago area hospital. he was playing in an area that was closed for restorat
office. >> demonstrators protest outside the white house in a show for egypt's leader mohamed morsi. the country is polarized and on the verge of economic collapse. the obama administration continues to carefully monitor the second attempt otto -- at democracy. >> this is a complex situation and it is not in our interest to prove -- move unnecessarily quickly. >> monday marks the deadliest day since morsi's removal july 3. more than 50 were killed and 100 injured. critics say the whitehouse -- house as has been slow while the political crisis grows worse daily. >> we come in this in our policy toward the middle east which is a shambles. >> military sources says this shows an armed attacker advanced on an area where morsi is believed to be in prison. >> -- we're hopeful they'll be able to emerge from this crisis. we know they will not be able to unless people of the country come together and in a non-violent and inclusive way. >> morsi muslim brotherhood is calling on egyptians to rise up against the military blaming it for a coup. mideast experts say turmoil will continue until a
white house aides that change in part building frustration that president obama has with afghan president karzai. >> and mohamed morsi supporters want morsi reinstated. >> osama bin laden was walking around with a cowboy hat on? >> you know in a way that makes sense because it's going to provide shielding. in another way, if you really want to get noticed in pakistan walk around with a cowboy hat. >> i think it looks fantastic. we heard from the crowd how please they had were. >> that guy, that nsa leaker guy, edward snowden, here's how hot it is he's seeking asylum in antarctica. >> announcer: today's "eye opener" at 8:00 is presented by choice hotels. >>> i'm norah o'donnell with gayle king and anthony mason. charlie rose is off. for the first time this morning, we're hearing from the three women held prisoners for years in cleveland. amanda berry, gina dejesus and michelle knight. >> ariel castro allegedly held the three women and a child he fathered with berry until three months ago. they spoke on a youtube video leased very early this morning. it was reco
there and it was later confirmed is that there was a bunch of simmering tension between the white house and the pentagon. and the comments what the general said to me when he was criticizing president obama, criticizing the vice president, got at this larger issue of who should be in charge of the military, who should be deciding this policy, and how these sort of even personal relationships can have huge impacts on major policy decisions. because of this tension for months, it was in total disarray. >> so neither of you had any idea of what the consequences of the peace would be at the time? >> i figured that it would be talked about on cable news for a couple of hours. i think i brought a suit with me just in case there was any tv interest. but i had no idea that -- i thought he would not be fired. i didn't realize the depth of the animosity and how much anger there was at the white house at him for pushing the policy to escalate in afghanistan in 2009. that's where the anger came from. the white house did not want to escalate in afghanistan. general mcchrystal they felt boxed him into that position.
by the white house to say the obama administration would not consider this until the economy had fully recovered. host: how would it work? guest: in principle, it is simple. in practice, is more complicated. in principle, you would pay a fee based on the amounts that you drive, perhaps varying by time of day or which highway you are driving on. if you are driving on an interstate highway on the inbound leg at rush hour, he would be paying a higher per ile fee than if you were driving late in the evening or the early morning hours of a road that was not otherwise congested. host: how would the government trucks that? guest: that is a big to tell you would have to figure out. it is used for tolling in germany right now. he germans have a high standard of privacy protection. i was in germany and took a tour of the system. they have a good system that charges tolls on the trucks but does not retain data for tracking purposes. when the billing is resolved, the data is destroyed and are retained. one issue applying this in the u.s. is the privacy issue. is the government going to be watching
work. [applause] >> house gop leaders today called upon president obama and senate democrats to reduce student loan interest rates. rates on new subsidized stafford loans doubled to nearly 7% after congress failed to reach an agreement by the july 1 deadline. as of 10 minutes. >> thank you for coming. [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] >> good afternoon. the senate has taken action for students all across the country. they have known for many months on july 1, many student loans, federal student loans would double and they have been more involved in internal bickering rather than addressing the issue. the students that are surrounded with us today, they are all suffering because of it. one example is a gal from eastern washington who is working at a local mcdonald's drive-through to help pay for rising tuition at washington state university. she is an aspiring economist and a public servant and i'm not sure, but she will be able to hope that she can finish school. unfortunately, that is repeated among many students across the country. i was the first in my family to g
events to tell you about. the house subcommittee holds a hearing on the obama administration's recent decision to delay the employer mandate. is that 10:00 a.m.. -- that is at 10:00 a.m. at 2:30 eastern time, the senate agricultural committee will talk about the chinese company purchase of smithfield food. >> the problem was that darwin hisnot understand that theory, natural selection could never have worked. that being a black cat provides you with big advantages. theory, theing black cat, when mixed with a white cat, you get a great cat. if you mix it with another white cat, you get a paler shade of gray. and astrophysicist explores the work of five scientists and the mistakes that they made on their way to achievement. two -- 2. bowen testified before a senate affairs committee for a little more than an hour and a half. >> the committee will come to order. after recognizing myself and the ,anking member for five minutes seekingecognize members recognition for one minute. we thank the gentlemen for being here. your written statements will be made part of the record. members will hav
-term, actually there is a loss. >> thank you all very much. >> a house subcommittee held a hearing on the obama administration's decision to delay the implementation of the employer mandate provision in the health care law. here's part of the hearing with texas congressman sam johnson. >> i will tell you that i hate to see a dictatorship come into this country, and it seems like that is what is happening with health care. he made many concerns with the federal government and our budget. the criticism was that there was over 1.8 billion in spending and many were budget gimmicks that claim that the class that would raise $80 billion and it was fiscally unsustainable and congress repealed it. 1099 reporting requirement is $22 billion in congress repealed out that both the house and senate have voted to repeal the medical device tax because it is costing jobs and hurting medical innovation. that raised over 30 million. now the employer mandate is delayed at least 10 million in 2014 alone in penalties. as you point out, this never goes into effect. that is another 140 billion. there will be more arr
to the irs. i believe it's house republicans who had proposed this. president obama and his budget wanted $13 billion for the irs. last year they got 12. now they're proposing that they only get $9 billion and really republicans are saying it's because of these glaring sort of errors that happened, the targeting of tea party. some 290 groups. should we be increasing the funding for this particular agency based on that? >> brian: when they have their pricey conferences, they don't even bid out these conferences. they pick the first hotel they see. they go and train people to have their roles in star trek. you got to think they have too much money on their hands and they're trying to burn it. i can't believe democrats wouldn't get on the same side against the irs in this situation! major cummings was outraged about their behavior. >> steve: the democrats feel they need the irs to enforce obamacare and they don't want to change anything regarding that. you got all the republicans who say we got to plan because we can not trust the irs with the public money because they blow it on stuff like bria
and everybody else that barack obama wasn't born in this country either. so, when barack obama finally released his birth certificate in the 2012 elections i was pretty devastated. all my hopes for the white house were dashed. it's a feeling that i'm sure senator marco rubio will become quite familiar with in 2016. in any case when it became clear that writing another book wasn't going to do anything for my political ambitions i decided to focus on telling people about the book that i have written, and i think it's a book that was worth writing for its own sake and let me tell you a little bit about it. my story is an immigrant story, a legal immigrant story. [applause] i was born in china at a time when the country had been devastated by decades of totalitarian communist rule. my family lived in an apartment that had no running water, no modern toilet facilities, no washer, no dryer and none of the other amenities that we take for granted here in the west. and in fact we lived in a place that was considered to be quite modern and quite in be able for folks in china because we lived in a city,
comfortably and very easily. this time is different. keep pointing to president obama's plan to tie the loan rate to the market and congressional democrats, i believe, are not so fond of that idea. >> what do you make of that dynamic then when you have the white house philosophically in line with the house republicans on that issue? >> i think the white house is looking at a long-term plan and i don't like the president's plan, but i think what we really have to do now, steve, is just roll this back to the 3.4. i'd like to see it for two years, but if it is one year, whatever. this is a lot more money for these kids and they just can't afford it. you and i, obviously, had student loans. getting increasingly difficult. you need work study and student loans and grants and scholarship and the congressional republicans have pushed back on all of that. bunlts cut back on work study, pell grants and student loan interest rates, they want to raise it. just more and more difficult for kids to go to college. i think let's at least roll this back to the 3.4% for a year or two and then figure out long-
've seen the trade agreements concluded under president obama with panama approved by congress. significant majorities in the house and senate, those of you consider congress is the voice of the people in some way. and if there is a lot of frustration. there have been winners and losers in trade agreement. that is something that will continue. it will be a difficult issue, no question about it. host: republic and calller. oklahoma city. u.s. competean the with companies and countries that are state-funded. airbus, for example, when they sell an airplane they financed it, and then they differ the payments until the purchaser makes a profit. can they compete with that type of lopsided financial's? from: airbus has benefited a number of subsidies and preferential treatment the european argument has done well. they have been competing with that issue. a critical element going forward. and if those enterprises are not forced to compete on similar economic terms, companies are certainly at a disadvantage. host: what do you expect to happen first with the agreements? guest: probably two things. th
option. president obama is reportedly mulling the possibility of pulling out all u.s. troops from afghanistan after 2014, according to a senior administration official. the reason? bad blood between the white house and the unpredictable leader of afghanistan, hamid karzai. jessica yellen has been digging in on this for us. how realistic do you think that 2014 comes and the u.s. has no troops in afghanistan at the end of the year? >> reporter: right now, jake, it seems to be just one of many options and they're not even close to a decision on this. it's one of those cases the press getting a little bit ahead of the story. as the president has made clear, he wants troops out by the end of 2014 but he wants to leave a residual force in afghanistan. the idea of this zero option is getting more of a public airing right now because of the disagreements between president obama and hamid karzai that have to do with the break down in talks over the security negotiations. this seems to be the airing of this so-called zero option, leaving zero troops in afghanistan, may be one way to put pre
on america's syria policy where the senate and white house intelligence committees are holding up planned weapons deliveries to syrian rebels. the white house is also reportedly frustrated with pushback from afghan president hamid karzai. according to the "new york times" today mr. obama is "so frustrated with his dealings with karzai, that he's considering speeding up the planned u.s. troop pullout and abandoning plans to leave the so-called residual force at the end of 2014". at the white house jay carney said that's still in the future. >> i want to make clear today's story notwithstanding this is not a decision that's eminent. we're talking about a residual force -- a potential residual force in a year and a half. >> john: the drone policy word imminent means anything they want. one potentially positive development for the white house however, it now seems former nsa contractor edward snowden may not be getting a grant of asylum from venezuela after all. one remarkable note to the president from senior u.s. district judge gladys kessler asked to rule on a motion to stop force-feeding
. the white house is warning russia not to harbor snowden. >> mr. snowden is not a human rights activist or a dissident. he's accused of leaking classified information. >> reporter: president obama himself raised the snowden situation with president puten in a phone call friday night. the two leaders will hold a summit in moscow in just six weeks. u.s. officials have signaled that if snowden is still here, obama may not come. there's no saying how much longer snowden will remain here stuck at the airport. but he's made two things clear. he can't stay forever. and that the ball is in vladimir putin's court. dan and paula? >> kirit, thank you. >>> let's go to a geopolitical story of a different variety now. in our ally, great britain, this morning, they are on high alert. not because of a security threat. because of the impending arrival of a royal baby. let's go back to bianna in london. they have an elaborate plan to roll out the news when it comes. walk us through it. >> here's what we know. we believe the duchess is due to go into labor, any day, any hour, any minute now, quite frankly
? more delays and big changes for obama care. we know the employer mandate has to wait for a year. now comes the liar subsidies meaning no income applications for income applicants just like the housing bubble, remember? by the way, don't forget the small business insurance exchange was killed last month. folks, the individual mandate is next. how about the stock market? that's better ne
. immigration is also high on the to-do list. house republicans meet on wednesday to plan the next steps. they say they do not intend network from the reform bill the senate passed before break. >>> president obama says a large portion of the federal government is more efficient, transparent and accountable than at any other time in u.s. history. but he says there's still room for improvement. the president met with his cabinet at the white house this morning and directed them to come up with smarter ways for the government to grow and deliver faster better services like more online services and better apps. taxpayers deserve the biggest bang for their buck. >>> eyewitnesses say it's like a war zone. a runaway fuel train explodes in the middle of a canadian town. >> in the wake of this president weekend's plane crash in san francisco is there anything we can do to increase our chance of surviving a plane crash. we're going inside the faa training center next. >>> live look outside close it home to we may be in for some severe storms this week. chuck? >> yes, indeed. all eyes are on thurs
. >>> the white house says thee federal deficit for the current fiscal year is going down. down it will shrink to $750 million. that is 200 less than the obama administration predicted. the obama administration revised its forecast made in april, and are now projecting that economim growth should be slightly slowet in the coming days. >>> d.c. embattled fire chieff should get a boost for a change. >>> first peanuts and crackerker jacks, hot dogs as well. well. you won't believe how manybeli pounds you may be packing on att the ballpark. i bet you, we will believe t. >> i don't want to know. >> it's the ballpark, you have e hot dog, right, tucker. >>> i have lots, and lots ofof them. warm and humid conditions today. thunderstorms this afternoon. we will talk about the weatherth and the ecool weather on the wa and julie has traffic rightc after the break.  >>> welcome back to fox 5 morning a pretty decent start to the the day. time is 5:15. here is a question for you. headed to the ballpark. here is something to keep in in mind for those of you watching a your waistline.
, potential offer from nicaragua. any comment from the obama administration? >> reporter: well, i will tell you, victor, pamela, so far all is quiet here in washington, d.c., no comment from the white house, and no comment so far from the state department on both venezuela and nicaragua's offer of asylum to nsa leaker edward snowden. now, the president is spending the holiday weekend at camp david but it's likely going to be a working vacation. and he's likely following these latest developments. now, these two countries making statements on the same day it appears to show a sort of united front against the united states. several leaders in latin america, they were angered after recent incident where the president of bolivia's plane was not allowed through european airspace this week, and because that was simply because of suspicions that snowden may be on board that plane, so they had no clear path to their destination. they were forced to land until it was confirmed that snowden actually was not on board. but, of course, that angered bolivia's president. they blamed the united states for
is the governor's wife. is soon after the crash president obama expressed his gratitude for the first responders and directed his team to stay in constant contact with federal," state and local partners as they investigate and respond to this event. the white house says, quote, his thoughts and prayers go out to the families who lost a loved one and all those affected by the crash. the president will continue to be updated as new information becomes available. >> we will continue to follow this, but right now we want to take a break and take a look at the accuweather forecast with meteorologist lisa argen. >> good morning, you guys. good morning, everyone. we are looking at just a little bit of a warmup for the second half of your weekend. although the clouds will dominate the forecast for most of the morning, except if you are in our inland east bay and also toward san jose where we are looking at partly cloudy skies. so right now the marine layer at about 2,000 feet deep. you see it, mt. tam, isn't that pretty? the sun up at 5:55. 56 and cloudy skies in mountain view with san jose partly cloud
of the house before being elected to the senate in 2010 to fill the seat that barack obama gave up to become president. >> i have been carefully watching the voting record since he came back. >> kirk has a reputation for bipartisanship, often teaming with his illinois democratic colleague dick durbin. >> he is also one of the few pro-choice, pro gun control and pro gay marriage republicans in the senate. but he counts himself a fiscal conservative and although he says he feels for americans who don't have the same good healthcare benefits that he receives, he voted against the president's universal health coverage plan. >> has this made you change your view on that? >> it hasn't. what i worried about that, we all know the federal government is out of money, that if you make that promise that people will believe you and you have got to come through. don't make promises that you can't afford to keep. >> furthermore, while under senate rule, kirk was paid during a year of absence, but he says he still does not support extending unemployment benefits for out of work americans. >> even your own e
by the acting secretary of labor seth harris to talk more about those job numbers in june. president obama and vice president biden have one thing on their schedule today. they get their daily briefing at 9:30. otherwise, no public events planned at the white house and no press briefing announced so far. >> announcer: this is the "bill press show." [ ♪ theme ♪ ] >> bill: good morning, good morning, good morning. what do you say? welcome to the "full court press" this monday morning. july 8. great to see you today. thank you so much for joining us as we bring you the news of the day and take your comments and your calls. your phone calls welcome at 1-866-55-press. your comments welcome on twitter at bpshow and on facebook at hope you had a great july 4th weekend. and are ready to tackle the stories of the day. where do we start? well, start in egypt at the top of the next hour -- pardon me, next hour. chaos in egypt as the military names a new interim president. then they turn around and prevent that president from naming his own prime minister, leaving no do
this about the 2012 victory: while obama, the president won re-election in a convincing though not huge way, the president lost a majority of congressional districts. mitt romney won them which tells you why the house remains firmly in republican control and why the politics of the house of representatives within each district is different from the national picture. so when the president sets forth to accomplish something from his agenda, members of the house look at it not in national political terms, but they look at it in local political terms. and in local political terms, things look very different. gregg: a democratic strategist is quoted as saying he needs wins, and he needs them soon. do you see any on the horizon? >> i don't. i think there's a possibility that he could bring some kind of immigration reform proposal off, but i think that at the moment looks like it's in very great jeopardy. he's going to take some environmental measures by executive order. it's not entirely clear how much he'll be able to accomplish that way. and whether that will improve his standing politically. t
they receive. joining me today, "washington post" political editor and white house correspondent for the huffington post -- sorry -- and msnbc contributor sam stein. former dnc communications director and host of msnbc's "disrupt," karen finney. david carr, and former national press secretary for the obama campaign, ben la bolt. also joining us, "new york times" op-ed contributor beth murfitch. beth, to you first. were you actually in the gallery in texas when wendy davis did her 11-hour filibuster and wrote a really moving op-ed in the "new york times" about your mother's very difficult choice to have an abortion. one of the biggest take-aways from that piece was your urging women who have had to make this difficult choice to come out and talk about it. tell us more about why you think that's important at this moment. >> more women than we would like to know -- or than we think have had abortions. it is estimated 22% of pregnancies in the united states are terminated and that of the women that terminate, 61% of those women are already mothers. i think such shame permeates our di
. there's no way the house of representatives is going to pass something to president obama's liking. it's the warm-up act, if you will. democrats have to bite their tongue. the main goal is to get a bill through the house, even if they don't like it, to try to get into a summertime negotiation where you take the senate bill and the house bill and try in round two to get something that satisfies enough of everybody. watch what happens here. especially, again, the tea party lawmakers, the conservatives, who say they don't want a path to citizenship. we'll know if they got a different message back home. >> we're going to assist you in the come on congress campaign. this student loan thing, they need to be on it every day. they can fix it. they know it was a mistake. you can't compromise education in the country. they need to fix it. they keep saying it's easy because it will be retroactive. what do we know what the momentum is on this, and what are the chances it gets done any time soon? >> it's the but part. when you have the republican leadership, the democratic leadership, everybody say
worse than that? they are now deciding they want to carve out and the obama administration has proposed a rule that would give wind energy companies potentially decades of shelter from prosecute -- prosecution of any birds. the regulation is currently under review at the white house. the proposal made at the urging of the wind industry would allow companies to apply for 30-year permits to kill bald eagles, golden eagles and other migratory birds. previously companies were only eligible for five-year permits. it is basically guaranteeing a black box for 30 years and they are saying trust us for oversight. this is not the path forward id katie, a renewable energy attorney with the natural resources defense council. why should the american people be given billions of dollars to this industry and allow this administration not to prosecute them when they are obviously killing thousands of birds indirect violation of the migratory bird act, the gold and balled eagle protection act and the endangered species act? it says that the $24 million set aside for research and development in the commit
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